Pursuant to the Initiative of the UN Secretary General on the establishment of a movement for the Alliance of Civilizations within the Organization of United Nations, the “ Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilizations” is founded in Tirana.

The goal of the Forum founders is to offer their contribution to a wide – ranging consensus among the communities of ethnic and national affiliations, various cultures and religious beliefs, in order to ensure the concerted action of the entire society, in the name of development, security, economic prosperity, the protection and amelioration of the natural and social environment, whereby common existence develops.


The Forum will assist in building a collective political will, designed to overcome the prejudices, erroneous perceptions and any kind of polarization running against this consensus.


In its activity the Forum will reflect the will of the majority of people in opposing extremism of any form and hue in the society.

The Forum is founded in compliance to the Law on the Non – Profit Organizations, No. 8788, dated 07/05/2001.





The full name of the non - profit organization is “FORUMI SHQIPTAR I ALEANCES SE QYTETERIMEVE, in brief “AFALC”, and in  the English version “ Albanian Forum for the Alliance of  Civilisations”

Herteinafter, it will be referred to as “AFALC”.






“AFALC” is founded by physical persons.








The Forum is established as a non – profit organization without membership.

The forum operates in the form of a Center and as such, it complies to the principle of closed membership.



     ARTICLE 4



AFALC is founded under  the Albanian legislation.

AFALC is an Albanian legal person.

AFALC conducts its activity under the Albanian legislation in force: The Law 8788, dated 07/05/2001 “ On the Non – profit Organizations”, the Law 8789, dated 07/05/2001 “ On the registration of non – profit organizations”, Article 39 – 53/1 of the Civil Code, and under its own Statute as well, reflecting the goals and programs of its founders.






“ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” is a center. It is a Non – Profit Organization, established upon the free will of its founders. In conducting its activity, “AFALC” will rely on the above - mentioned legal provisions in force on the non – profit organizations without membership. AFALC enjoyes freedom and autonomy of action in keeping with the Statute, the Founding Act and its Program.





The Center has got its own name, seal and emblem, which will accompany its whole documentation and publications.

The name of the Organization is “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” with its acronym “AFALC”.

The Organization’s emblem shows a part of the Globe placet into a blue romb; the latter is inserted into a yellow rectangular  with AFALC  written in it and the inscription “ Albanian Forum for Alliance of Civilisations.”

The seal will have the name and the symbol of the Organization.






The seat of the “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” is in the following address: “ Bulevardi “Zogu i I-rë”, the 12 Floor Palace, near the Building of the Newspaper “Zëri i Popullit”, Tirana.

AFALC activity will be extended over the whole territory of the Republic of Albania.

AFALC is interested to establish its own branches and cooperate with other organizations having a similar target of activity, not only in Albania, but in other countries as well.

“ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” expresses its interest in enhancing the area of its activity and establishing contacts and cooperation with organizations, which protect and promote the subleme interests of the Alliance of Civilisations in Europe and beyond.





 “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” is a non – profit organization, Center, designed to disseminate and promote ideas, in view of strengthening the broad consensus of all communities of religious  belonging or different ethnicities, guided by the principle that these communities are inter – dependent in their endeavors for develoment, security and economic prosperity. To this end, “AFALC” will co – ordinate its work with other non – profit and profit organizations guided by the same principles and pursuing similar goals. A fundamental part of  “AFALC”’s goal will be to highlight the Albanian heritage, the harmonious co – habitation among various religious communities, the identification and presentation to the public of problems, in the global context of  relations between the world of Islam and the Western world. It is fair to think that the Albanian society is not geneticaly immune to these problems.


“AFALC” intends to promote the principles it upholds before the public opinion, the Albanian and international institutions, as well as to the foreign donors.

AFALC works and operates in the frame of the “Alliance of Civilisations”, launched by the UN Secretary General in November 2006.

Together with other similar initiatives worldwide, AFALC,  responds to the broad consensus among nations, cultures and religious beliefs that all soecieties are inder-dependent in their endeavors for development, security and economic prosperity. AFALC intends to become a regional centre, to generate a collective and political will aimed at mobilization in joint actions, at institutional and social level, in order to overcome prejudices, erroneous perceptions and the opposing polarisation to this consensus.

AFALC’ s work target will be the introduction to culture, arts, traditions, beliefs and other values that shape the individualities of communities, nations, nationalities and civilizations. Engagement in upholding them will go hand in hand with the identification and promotion of common values and identitical interests.

AFALC will contribute to the establishment of an Albanian, regional and european movement, reflecting the will of the majority of people in opposing extremism  in the society.

The target of AFALC activity is opinion and policy – making through the following elements:

-          Devising adequate scenarios and drafting policies over inter – religious and inter – cultural dialogue.

-          Building up/joining/formalising groups of interest, at home and abroad, aimed at respecting the human rights and fundamental fredoms, on cross-religious, cross-cultural and inter-ethnic leve, in support of secularity as well.

-          Exposing the stereotypes and contradictions in debates between the world of Islam and the Western world.  

-          Creating the frames for a successful alternative co-habitation, politically desirable and practically achieveable, based on the Albanian model.

-          Bringing together high state leaders, experts, civil society from Albania and various foreign countries, in order to build up strategies and implementation plans to overcome the prejudices and to exchange  perceptions, wherever they  prove to be wrong.

-          Encouraging the promotion of a new generation of politicians with a cultural background, communication skills and solid international bonds, who would work on a well – informed, fair and  peaceful society.

-          Establishment of partnerships with other similar organizations on regional and world scale, as well as with prestigious educational institutions, in terms of drafting educational programs for the youth, which should serve as catalysts for  social change.

-          Facilitation/mediation in the “ Euroislamic” dialogue on the region and Europe.

-          Re-approachment of various representatives of religious communites, on the basis of the Albanian model.


The maxim of this Center would be “Understanding through dialogue”.


“ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” will reflect its own activity through the publication of the periodical journal “Tryeza”( The Table) showing the results achieved in the form of briefings, insights, promoting successful events, an exchange of experience and models to be followed.

Complementary to the journal in accomplishing its goals, AFALC will also prepare and introduce other information materials deriving from the insights and polls conducted from others. Inline with its goal, AFALC will produce and commit itself to drafting, preparing for press, publication and disseminating books, maps, brochures, bulletins, cassettes, videokassettes, different recordings, briefing materials and others, in Albanian or other languages, with a diverse cultural, artistic, education and school contends.

AFALC will commit to and take under its protection before the  media, the administrative and judiary institutions in Albania and abroad collective and individual cases of infringement of  human rights and freedoms, in order to provide a harmonious living and environment among the community participants and various faiths.

AFALC will organize and co – sponsor activities designed to meet the above-mentioned overall goal. The joint meetings, conferences, seminars and exhibitions, organization of festivals, competition and concerts as well as CD and DVD format products, documentaries, photographic exhibitions, albums and radio broadcasts, with AFALC as the organizer or co – organizer would serve the mutual acquaintance, assessment and harmony among various civilizations and faiths.

To this end and in cooperation with donors, AFALC will involve prominent actors of politics, civil society, groups of interest, academic community, religious communites, domestic and foreign media.

The regular functioning of “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” will be ensured through the establishment of an active logistic structure and cooperation at home, with sister organizations, becoming part of the global engagement for the Alliance of Civilisations. The increase of inter – action and the mutual exhange of programs, experience and operational qualities will add to the professionalism in addressing AFALC scope of work.

The AFALC flexible structure will maintain, encourage and assess the profiles and identities of its founders; likewise, it will back up the priorities and programs offered by organizations from the same area of activity, when it finds them valuable, given the reality in which it operates.

The economic consolidation through joining the financial and administrative possibilities for joint projects with organizations of the same field of activity will add to the probability of action with projects going beyond the possibilities of a single organization separately.

A significant target of AFALC work will be ongoing consolidation of traditional harmony and co-operation among the ethnic or cultural  majority  and the minorities in Albania. In this regard, the educational and cultural emancipation of roma people occupies a primary place.






AFALC shall utilize its own assets only in compliance with the goal and objectives set by this Statute.

AFALC is a non – profit organization; it is prohibited to distribute the financial gains from its revenues, the revenues of the board members, directors, the Executive Director, President or its founders.

Financial contracts among AFALC and each from the members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the President or its founders maybe concluded only if it is deemed viable for the organization and upon the decision of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will define the salaries, remunerations or other compensations for the work and expenses incurred to the interest and on the order of AFALC.

In compliance with its working plan and budget, AFALC may become a donor/ co-donor of projects approved by the Board of Directors.






AFALC will conduct its activity for an indefinite period. A different timetable maybe defined only upon the decision of the Board of Directors.





The leading bodies of  “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” are as follows:


1-   President

2-   Board of Directors

3-   Executive Director


The highest decision – making body of the Center “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” is the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors meets not less than once in three months.


The Board of Directors has the following powers:

·                     Elect the President.

·                     Elect the Executive Director

·                     Adopt the annual working programs and the new projects that could be prepared in the meantime at AFALC.

·                     Adopt the Annual Budget and any other amendment to the Budget.

·                     Assess the annual narrative and financial report over the conducted activity.

·                     Decide amendments to the Statute and the dissolution of the Center.

·                     Examine possibile complaints.

·                     In the event of the dissolution of AFALC, it appoint the  Commission of Liquidation and set the destination of assets

·                     Is responsible for the AFALC guidance and operation .

·                     Administer the Organization’s assets, in compliance with the Statute.

·                     Decide  the utilization of financial means.

·                     Initiate, adopt and follow up the implementation of the programs and projects and contribute to their effective implementation.

·                     Adopt the AFALC short – term plans and programs.

·                     Prepare the working strategy, set the priorities and draft the annual budget plan.


The day – to - day Organization’s activity is supervised by the Board of Directors. It is a collective body, necessarily composed of the Executive Director and not les than two other members. The Board of Directors adopt decisions through consensus or through voting. An absolute majority is sufficient to take a decision. The voting is open. In case of equal division of ballots, pro and against, the vote of the Executive Director has a double value.

The Executive Director is elected for a three year term.

“ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” is run by the President, who has a three year term in office with re – election right.


The President has the following powers:

·                                             Runs the organization’s activity.

·                                             Represents the organization it its relations with third parties.

·                     Adopts and signs all acts deriving in the Organization’s name.

·                     Chairs the meeting of the Board of Directors.

·                     Delegates his powers to the Executive Director.

·                     Coordinates the activity of the founding members.

·                     Recruits the staff needed for the implementation of approved projects.


The Executive Director has the following powers:

·                     Runs the every day activity of AFALC.

·                     Upon the authorisation of the President or the Board of Directors, he/she represents the organization in its relations with third parties.

·                     Signs the financial acts effected in the interest of the activity of AFALC.


The Secretary of the Organization has  the following powers:

  •  Keeps  AFALC seal
  •  Keeps the Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors.









The Founding Meeting elected as folows:

           President of the “ ALBANIAN Forum Alliance for Civilisations” is Mr. Besnik Mustafaj, who has a three yers term with the  re- election right.


The Board of Directors, with the following members:

1-   Halil Hyseni      Executive Director

2-   Ilda Zhulali        Member

3-   Ilir Neza             Member

Their mandate is for three years, with the re-electtion right                       






AFALC activity is coordinated by its leading bodies, in accordance with the pre-defined powers in this Statute. In its activity, AFALC  executes its Statute and the decisions of the Board of Directors, as well as the orders and instructions of the President.

The decisions in the Board of Directors are taken with the votes of the members being present.

The members olf the Board of Directors may delegate the right of representation to other physical persons provided with a power of attorney.

The validity of decisions has been stipulated in this Statute.

The decisions of the Board of Directors are adopted with a simple majority.

The President informs the Board of Directors on its decisions at its earliest meeting.






The organization’s activity is financed through the following means :

a)     AFALC assets

The source of AFALC assets are as follows:

-           The organization’s economic acitvity from services for third parties.

-          Utilization of AFALC assets 


b)   Offered donations as follows:

-          Funds, grants, donations offered in a transparent way from domestic and foreign private entities.

-          Donations and projects offered by Albanian local or central government.

-          Donations and projects offered by  local or central governing bodies, compliant to the legislation in force.

-          Donations and projects proposed by non-governmental organizations, foreign counterparts, compatible with the Albanian legislation in force






AFALC utilises its own assets only in compliance with the goal and objectives defined in this Statute.

The Meeting of the Board of Directors is the competent body for adopting the budget and the major lines of AFALC investments

The Executive Director is responsible for the management of financial resources and their administration, in line with the decisions taken by the meeting of the Board of Directors or the President of AFALC.

In coordination with donors, the Executive Director determines the amount of payments allocated for the work of project directors, coordinators and activists.

The salaries, renumerations and the expenses for AFALC staff are defined by the Board of Directors.


The AFALC financial activity is conducted mainly via the banking system.






Amendments to the Statute may be initiated by the President and the Board of Directors.

Amendments to the Statute of the Organization are made only by the Meeting of the Board of Directors. This meeting should be attended by not less than 2/3 of the members of the Board of Directors.


Amendments to the Statute are made through voting pro or against, with less than 2/3 of the meeting participants.






Members of the Board of Directors are its founders and any other physical or legal person accepted by the qualified majority of the Board of Directors.

The legal persons, members of the Board of Directors, may delegate the right of representation to their legal representatives, the Executive Director/President of AFALC or to other physical persons who are issued with a noterized power of attorney.

A member of the Board of Directors has the following rights:

-          Attends with equal rights the Meeting of the Board of Directors.

-          Makes proposals, lobbying, votes and be voted.

-          Be briefed on any decision taken by the Organization leading bodies.

-          Files objection with the competent  courts on the decisions he judges that run contrary to this Statute and the relevant Albanian legislation.

A member of AFALC is tasked with the following:

-          Implement the Statute and the decision of the organization  leading bodies

-          Contribute to meet the goals and objectives of AFALC.

-          Contribute to the successful performance of activities and implement the duties assigned to him by  AFALC leading bodies





Members of the Board of Directors may be domestic and foreign physical and legal persons, regardless of their national, religious, gender, political and other affiliations.

Members of the Board of Directors may be the founding members and any other physical or legal person accepted by the Board of Directors.

The admission of a new member is made by the organization’s Board of Directors. The application for membership for the Board of Diorectors should have the form of an official letter addressed to the President or to the Board of Directors. They are obliged to present the application in the earliest meeting of the Board of Directors.

The admitted member is entered into  Membership Register.

The member of the Board of Directors loses the membership if he  loses the legal right, i.e. the intelectual capacity of action.

A member of the Board of Directors may withdraw upon his free will from the organization through a written request filed to the Board of Directors, which reviews it in its first meeting. The Board of Directors meets to define the mutual liabilities between the self - withdrawn member and the organization. The decisions by the Board of Directors constitute an executive title. Communication with the self- withdrawn member is done solely in writing. The self – withdrawal is considered as final when the request has not been reviewed and no written reply has been forwarded within three months.

The self – withdrawn member retains no right over the organization’s name, assets and rights.





The representatives of “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” are as follows:

1     The Board of Directors

2     The President


The President may appoint a special authorised representative for a special purpose. The President of AFALC cannnot provide a general power of attorney and cannot delegate all his competences stipulated in this Statute.





The dissolution of AFALC takes effect upon its own initiative or on final decision by the competent Court.

The Board of Directors examines the request on the dissolution of AFALC  which is required by the President or 1/3 of the members of the Board of Directors. The Decision for the dissolution of AFALC is considered valid when no less than 2/3 vote in favour of the dissolution.

When AFALC dissolution is decided, the Board of Directors appoints a Commission of Liquidation, composed of 5 ( five))persons.

In terms of performing all the procedures of the financial liquidation and in setting the assets’s destination, the Commission of Liquidation operates in compliance with the legislation in force.















No. ________ Rep.

No. ________ Kol.





Today, on Friday, 04.07.2007 (Two Thousand and Seven),  the following founders of the Non – Profit Organization “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS”, appeared in person in front of me, Ruko Sako, Public Notary:


1.   Besnik Mustafaj, son of Bajram, date of birth , address ” Rr. Ded Gjo Luli” P.5 shk. 3/36 Tirana, age of majority, with full legal acting capacity, holder of the identification document Nr D0000142


2.   Halil Hyseni , son of Xhelil, date of birth 05/04/1963, adress ” Njesia Adm. No.5, Selite e Vogel, Tirane, age of majority, with full legal acting capacity, holder of the identificationb document No. 13/3, issued by the Admiknistrative Unit No. 5 Tirana.


3.   Ilda Zhulali, daughter of Safet, date of birth 19.12.1977, place of birth Dibra and resident in Tirana, age of majority and with full legal acting capacity, holder of the identification document  No. D 0000211.


4.   Marko Bello, son of Naum, date of birth 12.09.1961, age of majority, with full legal acting capacity, holder of the identification sdocument No.D 0000814


5.    Llesh Kola, son of Zef, date of birth 27.02.1960, age of majority and with full legal acting cvapacity, holder ofnthe identificartion document No.


6.   Ilir Neza, son of Muhamet, date of birth 15.12.1972, age of majority, with full legal acting capacity, holder ofthe dioentioficatrion document No. D0001232


Who declared that the: document attached to this Attestation is the Statute of the Center “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” compiled outside this office, on their own free will and I, the undersigned, the Notary certify their signatures, regularly, in compliance with the law.