The Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilization (AFALC), a Non Governmental Organization, created in July 17, 2007, with the initiative of the former Minister of Foreign Affaires, Mr. Besnik Mustafaj with a group of politicians, diplomats and personalities from the Albanian civil society. Together with other similar initiatives worldwide, AFALC,  responds to the broad consensus among nations, cultures and religious beliefs that all societies are inter-dependent in their endeavors for development, security and economic prosperity.

            AFALC acts in accordance with the main principles of the Alliance of Civilisation of United Nations.

  • Emigration,
  • Youth,
  • Education
  • Media

are four main priority  fields of the activity of the “Alliance of Civilisation” definded in the Hight Level Group’s Report  of United Nations.

             “ ALBANIAN FORUM FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILISATIONS” is designed to disseminate and promote ideas, in view of strengthening the broad consensus of all communities of religious  belonging or different ethnicities.
AFALC’ s work target is the introduction to culture, arts, traditions, beliefs and other values that shape the individualities of communities, nations, nationalities and civilizations. Engagement in upholding them will go hand in hand with the identification and promotion of common values and identitical interests.

AFALC intends to become a regional centre, to generate a collective and political will aimed at mobilization in joint actions, at institutional and social level, in order to overcome prejudices, erroneous perceptions and the opposing polarisation to this consensus. Albania is involved in the process of european integration. Albanian society, throught inter-religious and inter- cultural dialogue,  has the chanse to give its valuable contribution to the european family.

AFALC is admitted by the “Alliance of Civilisation” of United Nations as focal point for Albnain

Actually, AFALC is Head of the Albanian National Network of the Euro-mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation.