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Call for Partners “Global Citizenship Summer Camps”

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image Summer Camp

In response to the call on Tarragona Common Action

Aim of the Project

·         To bring together youth from different countriesin joint annual intercultural exchange (summer camps)interacting effectively to:

1.      learn about each other’s cultures

2.      produce artistic and cultural works

3.      form a sustainable activist group, in collaboration with NGOs, academia and regional businesses in the Euro-Mediterranean region


 An effective cross-cutting of the themes: environment, arts and culture, sports and citizen participation

The Components of the Camps

 Games with built-in training on cultural immersion, ecotourism in order to share and acquire experiences maintained with the digital platform, suggested in the ALF provided document, in between the trips.

·         Different activities from sports to arts and crafts, community service, and debates

·         National days where each country will present its national activity

·         A local involvement day where participants will seek to bring change to the local community by undertaking a local community project

·         Training sessions and workshops on different trending topics



·         To bring together Young participants from various countries

·         To engage participants in cultural dialogue allowing them to gain cultural insight


Skills to be Acquired by the Participants

·         To  acquire leadership, organizational, and planning skills through the activities

·         To participate and become actively involved in their community through different projects

·         To work with governmental and non-governmental organizations

·         To act more tolerantly and openly to different cultures and backgrounds


Target Group

Size of the group will be decided based on interested partner organizations

·         Three different camps of different age groups specifically: 12-13, 14-15 and 16-17

·         Each participating country will have a city ambassador, an adult (20 and above) who will be in charge of his/her group and at the same time will represent his/her country after being provided with some rigorous training nationally

·         The camp program for the 12-13 year-old kids will also have a vacancy for a Junior Leader (18-19 year old) who can serve as an assistant to the city ambassador


Duration and Hosting of Camps

·         Each camp will take place for two to three weeks

·         Each camp will be hosted by the different countries of the partner organizations

·         Hosting will be rotational, every country that participates has to host


Funding Conditions

·         Funding conditions will be determined once participating partner organizations have been finalized


Project Process

·         Once the partner organizations are finalized, all other essential aspects such as feasibility, logistics, program, structure, and funding will be determinedby agreement

·         The preparation phase will commence after finalizing the partner organizations and will tentatively take from 4 to 5 months after which we can issue the local call for participants and begin execution with the participants starting January 2017

·         Upon finalizing the choice of participants by each country, there will be meetings on a bi-monthly basis to work on the given themes

·         Debates and workshops will be delivered by professionals in order to be more involved and actively engaged with the themes under discussion


If you are an organization interested in becoming a partner in “Global Citizenship Summer Camp”, please ask for the application form to and send it not later than the midnight of Sunday the 20th of May (Lebanese time), 2016 expressing your interest, your suggestions or your inquiries, if you have any.

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